Getting the right Porsche for the client

I had an email yesterday from a chap looking to buy his first Porsche 911 – always an exciting time. He’d decided he wanted an early 996 and had a realistic budget for such a Porsche.

We exchanged notes and I realised that I had just the car for him – a 1999 Carrera 4 in lovely condition that had been well maintained and cherished. Now, a cynic would argue that I was being opportunistic but, no, it really was the right car for him. And when he came to view it, we chatted some more about his requirements, he drove the car, and a deal was soon done.

Now, I never talk people into buying a Porsche; I advise and guide them but I always ensure that they end up getting the best car for their budget and requirements, and I pride myself on offering good, impartial advice.

The only bad thing is that I was rather tempted to keep the Porsche for myself – it really is a lovely example!

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