Fuel is dropping in price, so buy a Porsche!

Porsche Turbo Cabrio

2006 Cayenne Turbo S rear

Most Porsches are surprisingly affordable to run, in terms of fuel economy and servicing, while the lack of depreciation on many models means that a Porsche can be cheaper to own than a new ‘ordinary’ car that will plummet in value.

Now, though, petrol prices are dropping almost daily with a dip to £1 a litre on the horizon. And if you shop at Tesco, you can get as much as 20p a litre reduction by using your Clubcard. That makes even filling up a Cayenne Turbo a painless process!

It’s always a good time to buy a Porsche, but with promises of cheaper fuel in 2015, now it’s a a great time! Please click here to see our stock list.

Porsche Turbo Cabrio

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