Exporting Porsches

We get a lot of comments from people in other right-hand drive countries, pointing out that Porsches – new and secondhand – are so much cheaper in the UK then in their country. This is particularly true of Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and Ireland, and they ask ab0ut exporting Porsches.

The obvious solution would be to buy a car in the UK and export it to your own country. However, it’s rarely that simple as there are usually restrictions as to what you can import and, even if you can, you have to pay hefty import taxes that can negate any financial advantage.

There are, though, ways around this. For instance, cars over a certain age may be except from import tax, or if you register the car in your name in the UK for a certain period before exporting you don’t have to pay the tax.

Rules vary from country to country. However, if there is a way for you to import a Porsche, then we can help in sourcing it, storing it and shipping it.

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