Everyone loves a classic Porsche 911


There has been all sorts of coming and goings of cars here at Raby Towers today, and my children have become fairly nonchalant about Porsches. I didn’t expect my young son to react when he saw the Porsche 993 or even the 996 Turbo but I did expect him to react at the ultra-rare sight (and sound!) of a 1980s Aston Martin Zagato but, no, he didn’t bat an eyelid. Then came a 1970 Porsche 911T and he was gushing with excitement over it. Even my teenage daughter, who isn’t into cars, fell in love with the classic.

The 911T ¬†delights people of all ages, and it turns heads wherever it goes. People smile and wave, and the reaction to the car is 100 percent positive. It’s a real feel-good car and that’s nice.

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