Do famous owners make Porsches more valuable?

I’ve just spotted a Porsche 911 for sale that, the advert says, was owned by Cristiano Ronaldo. I  have to admit, I had to look the name up but it seems the lucky owner was the world’s most expensive footballer, having been transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid for a cool £80million. Show how much I know about football…

Anyway, back to the Porsche. It’s a 2007 997 Cabriolet and looks a good example. Sensibly, the garage isn’t try to sell it at a premium because of its famous owner, simply using its history as a neat selling point – and it works, as it certainly caught my attention!

You do, though, from time to time see Porsches – and other cars – being sold at a massive premium just because of their owner. Sometimes, this is justified, as in the case of Steve McQueen’s 911S that appeared in the Le Mans film. Here it was as much about a famous car as a famous owner.

Other times, I’m not so sure. David Beckham (yes, I’ve heard of him) had a couple of 911s, including a tasty looking 993 Turbo, and these were being hawked for well over the expected retail price on account of their provenance.

What do you reckon? Should a Porsche be more desirable if it once had a famous owner?

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