Porsche Cayenne Diesel (2009-2010)


When the Cayenne was launched, Porsche was adamant that they wouldn’t produce a diesel but, not surprisingly, they had to bow to market forces and offer one.

The exterior was the same as the petrol V6 but at the heart of the car was a 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged diesel engine producing 240bhp and a heady 550Nm of torque at just 2000rpm.

Combustion air was supplied by a turbocharger with variable geometry and an intercooler positioned further downstream. As on the 997 Turbo, the turbocharger featured adjustable blades that varied the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine wheel.

At low engine speeds the adjustable guide blades allowed high torque and ensured a good response by guiding the flow of exhaust gas at full pressure to the turbine wheel. At high engine speeds, the turbine blades served to minimise fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by opening up to reduce exhaust gas counter-pressure.

The advantage of the engine was its economy, with Porsche quoting 30.4mpg in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), giving the car a range of up to 620 miles on its 100 litre tank.

Extra sound deadening helped isolate passengers from the sound of the engine, including a special windscreen.

In other ways, the specification and options were similar to those of the petrol-engined V6.

Capacity: 2967cc
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Maximum power: 240bhp at 4000-4400rpm
Maximum torque: 550Nm at 2000rpm
Brakes: Front: xxxmm discs; rear: xxxmm discs. Servo assisted with ABS
Suspension: Front: double track control arm axle with subframe (spheroidal-cast track control arms on lower level, aluminium track control arms on upper level)
Rear: multi-arm axle with subframe (steel-plate track control arms on lower level, aluminium track
control arms on upper level)
Wheels & tyres: Front: 7.5J x17 on 235/65R17 tyres. Rear: 7.5J x17 on 235/65R17 tyres (18- 19- 20- and 21-inch rims optional)
Length: 4798mm
Width 1928mm
Weight: 2240kg
Top speed: 133mph
0-62mph: 8.3 seconds