Cayman – Porsche’s best kept secret

The Porsche Cayman S is a superb car – much more than a Boxster with a lid – it’s one of Porsche’s best-handling cars ever. As the 911 has gone more upmarket and become a luxury cruiser (check out a 991 if you don’t believe me), the Cayman has taken its place as the sports car for purists. And, being mid-engined, it’s got predictable yet exciting handling. Oddly, though, the Cayman’s never been a huge sales success but for those in the know, it’s a great Porsche.

It’s also superb value for money secondhand, coming in well below an equivalent 911. Take for example, this cherished 2006 Cayman S which is being sold by fellow motoring writer Jesse Crosse. With just 41,000 miles under its belt, it’s been properly maintained during Jesse’s ownership and he’s only selling it to fund a new motorsport project which involved a Ford Escort (no, don’t ask…).

Click here for full details. of the car which Jesse is selling himself.

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