Buying a classic Porsche 911


I had an email this week from a chap wanting to buy an early seventies Porsche 911T or 911S. He admitted he was a novice and was looking for advice.

Now, I rarely stock Porsches of this age but, by coincidence, I do have this lovely example for sale. One reason I often avoid these cars is because they can rust very badly and renovation is expensive. This Porsche 911T, though, has had over £60,000 spent on a fully documented restoration, which makes it a safe purchase and good investment.

As is often the case with newcomers to Porsche, my guy was surprised that he’d have to spend so much on a classic 911. My reply was, yes, he could get one for less, but he could very well end up getting his fingers burned with a Porsche that’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

So, if you’re a 911 novice, unless you can afford a good one, like this, my advice is to steer clear of early Porsche 911s. A better bet all round would be a later 3.2 Carrera or 911SC. OK, they may not have the pure looks of the pre-impact bumper 911s, but they are generally more affordable and easier to live with.


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