Bespoke Porsche luggage


Porsche 911s are remarkably practical sports cars – easy and affordable to live with and will take enough luggage for a couple to go touring for a week or two. There’s space in the front boot and behind the seats. However, making the best use of that space is tricky as normal-sized luggage is never a perfect fit and there’s a very real risk of denting the boot lid by slamming it down on a protruding suitcase.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Hillsalive, makers of bespoke car cases, to offer a versatile range of cases for Porsche luggage. We have cases for modern and classic Porsches, ones that fit in the luggage compartment and others that make great use of the awkward rear-seat space.

With summer on the way, now’s the time to get your Porsche luggage organised!

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P993 bag B (Large)

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