Barn find: the first ever LWB Porsche 911?

An interesting Porsche has just come up for sale on Pistonheads. The 1969 prototype is claimed to be the first ever 911E and, as such, the first ever long wheelbase Porsche 911. The sellers give a lengthy and reasoned description of the car, saying it has the first LWB chassis and engine number, and appears to be mostly original.

They also admit that the car requires a full restoration; the photos show that the bodywork is rusty, the interior scruffy and the engine looks as if it’s not moved in many a year. In other words, it will need a lot of skill and money to bring it back to life; a car like this needs to be restored correctly and sympathetically, which won’t be cheap.

So is it worth doing? From a financial point of view, probably not. Projects like this eat money and you’re better buying a restored example where someone else has made the investment, like this lovely example. However, from an emotional point of view, of course it’s worth doing. OK, it’s not going to stir the soul like, say, a 2.7RS but it will be a unique and important piece of Porsche history. Here’s a lengthy discussion about the car.




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