Apple iMac G3 – the classic Porsche 911 of computers

In a change from pulling Porsches to pieces, I’ve just stripped down an old Apple iMac G3 – remember the original translucent design?

It was a beautifully over-engineered piece of equipment with plenty of easily (once I knew where to look) cross-head screws that made disassembly a doodle.

It reminded me of an older Porsche 911, something like a 964, which is also held together with proper screws rather than annoying plastic clips.

Also, like the 911, it’s a design classic. I reckon the old G3 iMac is a future antique, which is why I’m keeping mine tucked up in the attic as a long-term investment. Well, I can only hope…

If only I’d done the same with a 964 Carrera RS a few years ago!

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