Porsche 964 Carrera 4 coming soon

JM 964-002

Long-time Porsche 964 enthusiasts will no doubt remember John Miles and his Guards Red 964 Carrera 4. The car has been featured several times in magazines including Car and  911 & Porsche World, plus various websites, over the years. Indeed, I wrote a number of articles on the car myself.

John bought the 964 20 years ago when he hit 40; he called it his “meno-Porsche”. Soon after, he set up a website devoted to the 964, which was one of the world’s first Porsche fan sites and soon became an invaluable resource for 964 owners and buyers; at a time when the model was largely unloved.

“John’s 964 web” at www.porsche964.co.uk has long since gone, taken over by more modern sites. However, it is still fondly remember by Porsche owners, and I often see it coming up in web searches directed to my site.

Sadly, his ownership of the car is now coming to an end. John is moving to New Zealand to start a new life and a Porsche is not part of the plan, so he’s reluctantly asked me to handle the sale his impeccably maintained and very original 911. The car’s not in stock yet, but watch this space!

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