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Why a 996 Carrera 4S is a good choice

I had  a call yesterday from a chap wanting to buy his first 911 – a 996. As soon as he said his budget was around £23,000, I immediately thought ‘Carrera 4S’. A few moments later, he said he fancied a 4S but was concerned it may be too extreme for a first 911. Not at all. The Carrera 4S is basically a standard 996 enhanced with a wide Turbo bodyshell and Turbo brakes and suspension, plus a classic full-width rear reflector. To my eye, it’s the best-looking 996 of all (especially from the rear) and is lovely to drive […]

Turbo S plays a starring role

This month’s Total 911 magazine has a major feature on the 911 Turbo S series, from the 964 to the 997. And the main feature car is a beautiful 996 Turbo S which we had specially photographed in the studio. That car has now come up for sale and I’m selling it! It really is a lovely, low mileage, beautifully maintained example. Now, while standard 996 Turbos are relatively commonplace and some are surprisingly cheap, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. The sub-£30,000 Turbos are early, high-mileage examples that, quite frankly, are often quite tired. […]

944 Turbo – what’s it worth

I’ve been asked to value a 944 Turbo. Now, what great cars these were. 250bhp, near-perfect weight distribution for great handling, 0-60mph in 6.3sec and a top speed of 153mph. They were a bargain supercar and, oddly, Porsche sold them alongside the 911 3.2 Carrera which offered similar performance in a very different package. There’s an article comparing the two in the latest issue of Total 911 magazine. Today, the 3.2 Carrera is a sought-after classic, with good examples fetching £18,000, while fair ones rarely drop below £10,000. Not so the 944 Turbo. Despite its obvious benefits (on paper it’s […]

964 Targa is a real treat

Now, I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Targas but this 964 was something special. It had been restored by an OPC to put in the showroom at the time of the 997 Targa launch three years ago. You can read more about it in the next Total 911 but the point of this post is to say that good 964s are few and far between and I reckon prices for decent examples are going to start going up. People are starting to appreciate more and more what a good car the 964 can be if […]

Save the environment – drive a Porsche

Here’s a fanciful story for you. Far, far away, on the planet Gerg, there’s an environmental disaster going on. Why? Because people get bored with their homes very quickly and, every couple of years, they move to a brand-new one. Their old houses plummet in value and so get snapped up by less wealthy people but, soon, they too move away, wanting the prestige of a new house with the latest fashions in soft furnishings. So the old houses, most of which are perfectly good, become worthless and get bulldozed to make room for new ones. The house-builders are, of […]

997 at Reims video

OK, here’s a shameless cross-promotion for Total 911 magazine. It’s a video of stills and movies of a trip we did from Brooklands to Reims racetracks. You can read the full story in the new issue of Total 911

Orange 997

After advising not using a mobile phone to shoot cars, I’ve been doing just that. The iPhone camera isn’t great but there are lots of apps for manipulating images. I use Mill Colour as it gives good control. Head to the Total 911 site to see more. Don’t forget your shades!

993 or 997

Had an email from someone wondering if he should change his 993 for a 997. This is a question I often get – or at least a variation of it, usually about moving from air-cooled to water-cooled (and occasionally the other way round). My usual answer is that the 997 is, naturally, the more modern car and easier to live with on a daily basis. It’s comfortable and has all the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect of new cars. It’s hard to fault. The 993, on the other hand, feels like an older car, as you’d expect. But it’s […]

GT3 lookalike looks like good value

There’s nothing unusual about early 996s for around £16,000 but you have to tread carefully – some are less than perfect. This car on Pistonheads, though, stands out from the crowd. The GT2 bodykit is something you’ll either love or hate but the big news is the fact it’s had a new engine just 11,000 miles ago. This should have been an updated 3.4 unit with the occasional problems associated with the early cars ironed out. Great peace of mind for a buyer. The service history looks good, too, and the advert’s been sensibly worded. Of course, you can’t judge […]

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