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The automatic choice for the 21st century

I had an interesting chat with a client yesterday. He bought a 964 through me some time ago but later sold it. Now, though, he wants to return to Porsche ownership (these cars are so addictive!) and has set his heart on a 996 Turbo. A great choice as you get a lot of performance for your money and they’re tough, reliable machines. Now, most buyers of used 911s want a manual gearbox. Maybe it’s a macho thing but I must confess that I like the idea of changing gear myself. That said, the later Tiptronics and – more so […]

High mileage + Tiptronic = good deal

Further proof here that a 911 with a higher than average mileage and a Tiptronic gearbox can be a good deal. OK, the advert and the photos tell us very little about the car but it’s rare to see a Carrera 4S for under about £23,000. It’s a good colour, on the outside at least, there are no interior photos and, like any C4S, it’s a great-looking car. Tiptronic makes sense in modern traffic, too, and if the car’s been well-maintained, then the mileage wouldn’t bother me.

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