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Porsche 997 Sport Classic wanted

People often ask me what my favourite Porsche is, and it’s a question I struggle to answer. I like them all and my favourite is often the one I’m driving at the moment, whether it be a humble 911SC or a mighty 997 GT2. However, there is one Porsche which I’ve always had a particular soft spot for, and that’s the 997 Sport Classic. The 997 Sport Classic was a limited-edition run of just 250 cars and was not sold in North America. It was based on a rear-wheel drive 997 Carrera S but with the wide rear arches of the […]

Porsche 997 Carrera GTS or 991 Carrera?

There’s much talk at the moment about the Porsche 997 GTS. You see, there are still a few brand-new examples in dealers and buyers are wondering whether to opt for one of these over the new 991 Carrera. It’s easy to dismiss the GTS as a badge-engineered run-out special but it’s much more than that. Like the limited edition Sport Classic, the GTS combined the wider rear end of the Carrera 4 with a rear-wheel drive powertrain, plus the Powerkit which increased the 3.8-litre engine power to 408bhp. In addition, there were black 19-inch RS Spyder wheels, SportDesign front apron, new […]

Porsche 997 Sport Classic replica

The moment I set eyes on the gorgeous Porsche 911 Sport Classic, I fell in love. Everything from the battleship grey paint to the ducktail rear spoiler and Fuchs lookalike wheels looked just right to me, as did the retro brown leather interior. And that was before I even drove it. What a car! Of course, with production limited to 250 and a price tag of over £140,000 there was no way I was ever going to own a Porsche Classic, but it did occur to me that replicas would surely be appearing very quickly. Oddly, it’s taken longer than […]