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Porsche selling scam – moved to Germany

I spotted this Porsche 997 for sale on Pistonheads and thought it was dodgy, as the asking price was just £8511, so I emailed the seller to check. The reply was this: Yes is still for sale but the car is located in Berlin, Germany where I recently moved back, to my native land and brought it with me.We’ve taken very good care of the car (always garaged)and we’re only selling it because we’ve moved house to  Berlin, Germany and it’s pretty difficult to drive a RHD in this terrible traffic. It’s never had any accidents, no scratches, no dents, […]

Porsche buying scam

I received an enquiry for a Porsche I am selling and soon realised it was a scam, but played along to see how it was done. Rather clever and I’m sure some people would fall for it, so be warned. Here is our email exchange: What is the final price for the car ? Me: Hi KalyanThank you for your enquiry. I’m getting a lot of interest in the car, but would be happy to consider a sensible offer. Would you like to view the car? OK.Thanksfor the swift reply. I might not be able to arrange for a meeting […]