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Porsche 911SC – the perfect classic 911

We’ve just got a lovely Porsche 911SC in stock which reminds me very much of my first ever Porsche 911, which was an SC. This car is Zinc Metallic, whereas mine was Champagne Metallic, but they’re similar shades. This one has a superbly original and striking Pascha interior while mine had a scruffy Berber. Those things aside, though, the car we have now is quite similar in appearance to mine, which I have fond memories of; some of you may remember me running it as a project car in 911 & Porsche World magazine. I’ve always had a soft spot […]

Can you buy a Porsche 911 for £10,000?

I’ve just been asked this question. My immediate reaction was to say no. Or rather, yes but be prepared for trouble. The big killer with cheap older 911s (and expensive ones for that matter) is rust. What looks like a few bubbles on the paintwork can turn out to be very pricey to rectify, especially if the sills and B posts are affected, while one front wing is about £800 to replace (don’t even think about filler). However, if you go in with your eyes wide open, there’s no reason why you can’t have a bit of fun with a […]

Sportomatic is automatically rare

Spotted this ad on Autotrader. The ad doesn’t give much away but it does say it’s a Sportomatic. If so, then it’s a rare car. Sportomatic is often described as a semi-automatic gearbox, but that’s a bit misleading. It is, in fact, a manual gearbox with an automatic clutch. Microswitches at the base of the gearlever sense when you start to move the lever and automatically disengage the engine and gearbox to allow you to make a change. Which means you can’t drive along with your hand resting on the gearstick! Porsche introduced Sportomatic at a time when it didn’t […]

Advert isn’t doing this 911SC justice

Marketing a car well can make all the difference between getting a sale or not, or at least getting the best possible price. Take a look at this advert for an SC. It caught my eye because I like SCs and this is sensibly priced, at first sight, looks good – it’s a great colour. So what’s wrong with it? Well, starting from the top – he’s called it a ‘911 sc’ whereas it should be ‘911SC’. Oddly, enough, they’re the only lowercase letters he’s used – everything else shouts at you, which is hard to read and offputting. Scanning […]