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Porsche is third-best car dealer

Official Porsche Centres comes third from top in a survey of car dealers commissioned by Auto Express magazine. An excellent result and an improvement from last year. “Perfect and professional,” was one owner’s verdict. Another said: “Very happy with my dealer. They are willing to discuss all options to minimise costs.” However, one person complained of “an expensive hard-nosed commercial undertone” to his experience. The survey was topped by Lexus (a brand that, for me, has been forever tainted by Alan Partridge!) while Honda took second place. At the bottom of the league, in 32nd place, came Seat with Volkswagen just above. We can’t […]

Porsche sellers – dodgy dealings

Here in the UK the Porsche community is tight knit and, on the whole, everyone gets on well. I spend a lot of time with people who buy and sell Porsches and most are honest, conscientious and eager to give their customers the best service possible. And that’s how it should be. However, just recently, I’ve had several phone calls from Porsche owners complaining about a bad practice. They’d been trying to sell their Porsches and had been approached by a dealer offering to sell the car on their behalf and claiming they had a customer lined up who was […]