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Delivering a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S to Jersey

Today combined some of my favourite things; Porsches, boats, islands and travel., it doesn’t get much better than that. I delivered a lovely Porsche 996 Carrera 4S to a client on Jersey, in the Channel Islands. This involved an early morning blast along the coast to Weymouth, my favourite seaside town. Then it was straight onto the futuristic looking fast cat for a 40kt cruise south to the Channel Islands, stopping briefly at Guernsey before arriving at Jersey, with it stunning rocky coastline. It’s a regular holiday haunt of our family; today, though, I was travelling alone and, sadly, on […]

Just in: 2002 Porsche 996 Carrera with new RMS

I’m pleased to have a lovely Porsche 996 Carrera in stock. Being a 2002 model, it’s got the Turbo-style headlamps and more powerful 3.6-litre engine. Many 996s of this age are getting scruffy and neglected but not this one. Having covered only 48,000 miles, it’s in lovely condition inside and out. However, when I took it on, it wasn’t perfect. The rear main seal (RMS) was leaking – but then most do at some point – so that had to be rectified. It’s a £10 part but to change it means dropping the gearbox and, to ensure the new seal […]

Porsche 996 rear main seal (RMS) replacement

I’ve just got a Porsche 996 in stock and it rear main seal (RMS to its friends) is leaking. This is not at all uncommon – most 996 and Gen1 997 Carreras will suffer from it at some stage in their lives. Normally is it anything to worry about; if you can cope with a little bit of oil dripping onto your garage floor, the usual advice is to live with it until the clutch needs replacing. The gearbox and clutch have to be removed to get at the seal, you see. Good advice until you want to sell the […]

Why are dealer 996 prices lower than private?

Traditionally, dealers have charged more for cars than private sellers. That makes sense, a dealer is in it to make money, has overheads to cover and usually has to offer more in the way of a warranty on the car. However, I’ve been noticing a strange trend recently. Most of the super-cheap Porsche 996s on the market are the ones being sold by dealers. Here’s an example I picked by random from Pistonheads but there are plenty more like it. Just £14,000 for a 2000 911 has to be a good deal. OK, it’s a Tiptronic in an odd colour […]

What, an oil leak after an engine rebuild?

Had a long chat with a chap who was disappointed to find that his 964 engine had an oil leak after an expensive rebuild. While I can understand his upset, I explained that a 911 engine is a complex machine and even the best mechanics don’t always get it right the first time. I remember a Porsche specialist telling me that, even after rebuilding 911 engines for 20 years, he still has his heart in his mouth every time he starts up a rebuilt engine and checks for leaks. It turned out that the offending leak was caused by a […]

996 is worth a look

There are some scruffy 996s around, especially at the lower end of the price bracket. So I was pleased to see this 2001, low mileage example. It looks a tidy car, inside and out, is a lovely colour (although I’m not keen on the grey leather interior) has just had a clutch and RMS change (the latter a 996 weak point). The history sounds good, too. What’s more, the advert is a lesson in how to do it. The car’s been clearly photographed (even if the location is a bit iffy) and the wording spells out all the important information […]