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Porsche Classic radio and sat-nav

Porsche Classic has introduced a new radio/sat-nav head-unit which is suitable for use in older Porsches. This is much less retro in appearance than the previous Porsche Classic unit which means it looks more at home in later Porsches such as the 964, 968 and 993, although it would also look ok in older cars. The new unit sits more flush with the dash, whereas the previous one stuck out a good 10mm. Compared to the gaudy LED-endowed head-units that most suppliers offer today, this will look so much better in an older Porsche, and I can see it proving popular. […]

Driving a Porsche 911 in silence

This weekend, I found myself on a five-hour drive in a Porsche 993 with a non-working radio. Or at least, a radio I couldn’t get to work. It reminded me of a story on the BBC news website  about how we’ve got so used to ‘noise’; meaning that we are constantly exposed to external stimulus from television, radio, iPods and so on. In fact, the term ‘noise’ was misleading as the report was more about such stimulus rather than simply background noise. The article suggested that, not so many years ago, silence was the norm for most people, whereas now […]

Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System

One of my pet hates is modern radio head units in classic Porsches – the silver-faced things with flashing LED displays and lots of fiddly buttons. They just look and feel wrong in older Porsches. However, try using a period radio, perhaps with a cassette player, and you’ll soon appreciate how far technology has moved on. What’s needed, then, is a modern head-unit that fits in perfectly with the appearance of a classic Porsche. Porsche has risen to the challenge with the Classic Radio Navigation System which fits any Porsche with a standard DIN slot (up to the 993, then). […]