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Porsche 911 sales poster from the 1970s

I’m enjoying the archive of Porsche sales posters I’ve discovered and can’t resist sharing them from time to time. This Porsche 911 poster from the 1970s is a classic; I love it. Today, such an advert would be considered cheesy and certainly not appropriate for Porsche. However, back then, Porsche was a very different company and advertising wasn’t so sophisticated. You can find this and many more glorious Porsche poster from all eras here.    

Porsche posters – an online collection

I’ve found a lovely collection of official Porsche posters online. Porsche has done some wonderful advertising over the years, with posters that really do put across the excitement of Porsche ownership. There are dozens of great posters to browse through and download, dating from the 1950s to the present day. Click here to view the collection.

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