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Porsche 964 Cup wheels and mirrors aren’t cheap

A customer has asked me to quote to upgrade an early Porsche 964 with the later-type Cup wheels and Cup mirrors (teardrops). A few years ago this was a fairly common thing to do as people were less fond of the original 964 Design90 wheels and ‘elephant ear’ mirrors. In fact, I remember fitting teardrop mirrors to my own 964. Today, though, the tables have turned and many buyers want their 964s (and other classic Porsches) to look just as they did when they left the factory. Here’s a great example of an original Porsche 964. There is no denying […]

The joys of a cheap Porsche 911

A few weeks ago I blogged about a super-cheap Porsche 964 I inspected for a client (click here to read about it). He bought the car and, today, had to visit me regarding another matter. I was pleased to see he came in the Porsche 911. It looked cool in a scruffy kind of way and, he said, was great in that he didn’t have to worry about it: “I can leave it in Waitrose car park without worrying about anyone damaging it, and it does’t matter if the kids knock into it on the drive.” If you want what Americans […]