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How to make your Porsche 911 old

I’ve just had an email from someone selling the UK numberplate ‘P911 OLD’ which is certainly eye-catching. However, because it’s an age-related plate it can’t be used on a car registered before August 1996 – so not on very old Porsches. You’re looking at a late Porsche 993 as the oldest model, then. And that’s a shame as it would better suit a classic from the 1960s but that’s not allowed as it would making the car appear newer than it actually is. Still, as the years go by, the 993 will get older and older and the plate will […]

Porsche 911 with a great numberplate

I was out on a bike ride yesterday when I spotted this well-used Porsche 911 sitting in a driveway. Nothing particularly remarkable about that, you may think, but take a look at the numberplate – A911 BUY. It would be perfect for me! If you’re not based in the UK, you may not be familiar with our numberplate system. It’s not possible to order a plate with the letters and numbers you require, it’s a case of waiting for the licensing authority to issue something you like. That means that plates that just happen to spell out words or have […]