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Porsches, E-types, Interceptors and time travel…

I’ve just been distracted by, of all things, a graphic novel, or comic if you rather. And, no, there’s not a superhero or a hobbit in sight. It’s about the splendidly named Spencer Haze, car-dealer extraordinaire, who was dumped in a deep freeze in 1973 and woke up in 2000. Spencer is confused and impressed by modern cars, with their mix of high-tech and retro, and finds his old home is occupied by a good-looking woman (who is less than impressed by his Brut aftershave). He sets out to find out who froze him all those years ago and gets […]

The Germany Car Industry, My Part in Its Victory

I’ve just been reading The Germany Car Industry, My Part in Its Victory, by motoring writer and used-car specialist James Ruppert. James cut his teeth selling BMWs in Park Lane during the 1980s, and this book is based on his experiences there. It also looks at the development of German cars in the postwar years and, naturally, Porsche gets a good look in. To be honest, some of the model detail is a bit too anoraky even for me, and I enjoyed most his often amusing reminisces of the Eighties (cassettes, Sade, yuppies and more). You can pick up your own […]