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Apple CarPlay – would you want it on your Porsche?

Apple has recently announced  CarPlay, an interface that allows you to control your iPhone via your car’s entertainment system. As will anything Apple does, it will undoubtedly be brilliant and a joy to use. At present, there are no plans for it to be offered on Porsches but, if there was, would you want it? Such technology is fantastic when it’s new but it will date quickly. Fact forward ten years and imagine buying a car with CarPlay installed. The chances are it won’t work with your iPhone 10GS. In will, in short, be obsolete technology. You can see this […]

New Porsche 911 iPhone/iPad app

To promote the new 911 (991) Porsche has released an iPhone/iPad app all about the car. Called simply ‘The new 911’ the app is optimised for both iPhone and iPad. Central to it is video of the 991 in action, which you can interact with to a degree. Overlaid on the footage are captions about various aspects of the 911 – engine, transmission and so on. Click on one of these and you’re taken to another film which gives you more information about that area of the car. It’s neat but I’ve not found a way of getting straight to […]

Read my book on the iPhone and iPad

Good news, my eBook, You Can Drive a Porsche is now available via Apple’s iBooks store to read on the iPad or iPhone. To find it, simply search ‘Raby’ within the store. You can even download a free sample chapter. iBooks is a superb way of reading and organising electronic books and gives a very enjoyable reading experience on both the iPad and iPhone.

Control your Porsche with your iPhone?

I love Porsches and iPhones but I think this is maybe a bit too silly… 🙂

Orange 997

After advising not using a mobile phone to shoot cars, I’ve been doing just that. The iPhone camera isn’t great but there are lots of apps for manipulating images. I use Mill Colour as it gives good control. Head to the Total 911 site to see more. Don’t forget your shades!