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New Porsche 911 iPhone/iPad app

To promote the new 911 (991) Porsche has released an iPhone/iPad app all about the car. Called simply ‘The new 911’ the app is optimised for both iPhone and iPad. Central to it is video of the 991 in action, which you can interact with to a degree. Overlaid on the footage are captions about various aspects of the 911 – engine, transmission and so on. Click on one of these and you’re taken to another film which gives you more information about that area of the car. It’s neat but I’ve not found a way of getting straight to […]

Porsche brochures on the iPad

I’ve just found out that you can now download all Porsche’s excellent sales brochures – the lovely hardback ones – onto your Apple iPad. They save as PDF files into iBooks for offline viewing. OK, you don’t get the hardback but you do get to view the superb photos on the iPad’s high-quality screen. Click here from your iPad to go straight to the link.    

Read my book on the iPhone and iPad

Good news, my eBook, You Can Drive a Porsche is now available via Apple’s iBooks store to read on the iPad or iPhone. To find it, simply search ‘Raby’ within the store. You can even download a free sample chapter. iBooks is a superb way of reading and organising electronic books and gives a very enjoyable reading experience on both the iPad and iPhone.

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