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Why buying a Porsche will save you money

A customer popped in the other day and, chatting over a coffee, we both agreed the futility of buying brand-new ‘ordinary’ cars. He’s owned his 1980s Porsche 911 for seven years and, in that time, it had gone up in value by a modest amount, while running costs had been low, too. When he comes to sell it, he’ll not only have not lost any money, he’ll have made a small profit. More importantly, though, he will have seven years’ of happy memories of Porsche ownership. That has to be a good deal. If, on the other hand, he’d bought, […]

Keep your Porsche original if you want an investment

I had an email the other day from someone wanting advice on buying an early Porsche 911 as a potential investment. Great idea if you buy the right car. And by that I mean one that’s in superb condition (no rust, thank you) and is in original condition. The first criterium is self-explanatory but the second? Well, increasingly, buyers – or should that be ‘investors’ – want original-specification Porsches that look exactly how they did when they left the factory. My enquiry included a couple of links to Porsche that are for sale – both 1970s 911s which, at first […]

Classic Porsche – better than money in the bank!

The Bank of England announced today that UK interest rates are remaining at just 0.5%. Great news if you have a mortgage, but worrying if you have savings. Indeed, with inflation running at some 4%, your stash in the bank is actually devaluing. No wonder people are looking at other places to invest. I recently spoke to an investment fund manager who told me that the best performing investment at the moment is fine wine, followed closely by classic cars. Apparently the Chinese are particularly keen on wine, which seems odd to me. You can enjoy driving a classic car […]