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Why the Porsche 996 has the best 911 interior

Some say that the Porsche 996 interior is dull and poorly made. I disagree. For the first time in the 911’s long life, when the 996 came along it had an interior design that matched the car’s curvaceous body shape. Where previous 911s had angular sharp lines in the cockpit, because of historic manufacturing demands, the 996 has beautiful flowing curves which modern materials and construction allow. There is a nod to 911s of old – the five dials with a tachometer at their centre remain, and there’s a hint of the old crease across the full width of the dashboard […]

Be aware of a scruffy Porsche 911 interior

My blog post the other day about Porsche 911 interiors led to an interesting discussion on Twitter. People often assume that they can pick up a bargain by buying a Porsche 911 with a cockpit that needs a bit of tidying up. However, that’s often not the case. Interior retrims can be expensive if you want the work done properly and to an original standard. Some materials and trim items are hard (or impossible) to source and, when you do, they can be expensive. That dented wing or chipped front bumper can easily be rectified by your local bodyshop to […]