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GT Porsche magazine, August 2014

The August 2014 issue of GT Porsche has just landed with a thud through the letterbox and I am delighted to see that that a Porsche 964 that I sold is on the front cover. Oddly, the car was bright red when I sold it but it’s now silver – and looks all the better for it. The car was photographed to accompany a story I wrote to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Porsche 964 – a car whose fortunes have changed over the years more than those of any other 911. The launch of the 964 also heralded […]

GT Porsche July 2014

The new issue of GT Porsche magazine is on sale now and what a cracking read it is. And I’m not just saying that because it has two of my features on the cover – a Boxster buyers’ guide and a 997 Speedster and 991 Turbo back to back. It really is packed full of great articles. First drives of the Boxster GTS and Cayman GTS got my mouth watering. These latest generation cars are superb in standard guise and I’m a big fan of the 997 GTS so, for me, these have to be winning combinations. The review of […]

GT Porsche magazine – June 2014

I’ve just received the June 2014 issue of GT Porsche magazine and, as ever, it’s a good one. An article on why an early Porsche 997 Carrera is a great car is one that could have been written my me, so close are its sentiments to my own. I’ve long argued that the 3.6-litre 997 is an underrated gem, with a sweet engine and a great (non PASM) suspension set-up. By coincidence, I had a call from someone yesterday who was about to buy such a car for just £20,000 from a private seller. That just shows what good value […]

Lots of Porsche action in the May 2014 issue of GT Porsche

The May 2014 issue of GT Porsche magazine is now on sale and, as always, has a great selection of classic and modern Porsches featured within its 164 pages. Of particular interest to me, was the piece on the 911 50th Edition (I’ve always been fascinated by special edition Porsches), a modified 997 Turbo (always a favourite of mine) and a beautifully photographed 550 Spyder. From yours truly, there’s an overview of classic 911 Targa prices, a look at what Porsches you can buy for £50,000, and some man-maths explaining why you should buy a Porsche in preference to flying.

GT Porsche, April 2014

I’ve just received the April 2014 issue of GT Porsche magazine and was delighted to see that two of our cars – a brace of Porsche 968 Club Sports – are on the cover. The yellow car has now sold but we still have the red one in stock; click here for details.  It’s another packed 164-page issue with lots of interesting features. In addition to the 968 Club Sport feature, there’s a piece on Special Vehicle Preparations’ lightweight Cayman SV conversion – a car I’d love to have a drive in. A thought that also applies to the 991 […]

GT Porsche magazine is bigger than ever

The new issue of GT Porsche magazine has just landed on my desk with a thud – all 164 pages of it, which makes it the UK’s largest Porsche magazine. There’s lots of good stuff packed into it, including a first drive of the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid , plus a rundown of the previous Porsche hypercars; the 959, GT1 and Carrera GT. A back to back of the Gen2 997 GT3 and GT3 RS caught my attention, too.  While a piece on Tony Hatter, the designer of the 993, is interesting. There are also a number of features written […]

Porsche 996 in GT Porsche magazine

I’m becoming more and more of a fan of the Porsche 996, one of the most underrated 911s today. Find a good, well-maintained example and it’s a joy to drive with all the characteristics you’d expect of a true Porsche 911. I’ve explained why the Porsche 996 is a great 911 in an article in the current issue of GT Porsche magazine, so do please pick up a copy to read my thoughts. It’s also got a great feature on the new Porsche 991 GT3 and a first drive of the new Cayman, so well worth getting. In the meantime, […]

New issue of GT Porsche magazine

The new issue of GT Porsche has just dropped through my letterbox (delayed by the snow, no doubt) and I’m pleased to see that it contains two features that I wrote. The first is on John Miles’ Porsche 964 Carrera 4 – a car that was with the same owner for 20 years and throughout that time he used it as his daily driver. The second is a piece comparing the first and the last Porsche 944s – the 2.7 Lux and the 3.0-litre S2. The 944 had its 30th birthday last year and good ones are getting hard to […]

What Porsches can you buy for £10,000?

This article was written in 2012. Values, especially of air-cooled 911s, have changed since then. This month’s copy of GT Porsche magazine has a feature entitled “Your £10,000 Porsche” and I urge you to pick up a copy (it’s also got a tasty feature on the early 911 Turbo). OK, it’s nothing new, magazines trot these type of articles out on a regular basis, but that doesn’t make them any less relevant. It’s always good to see real-world articles showing that, in fact, anyone can afford to buy a Porsche. The trick, of course, is to buy the right one, […]