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You can Drive a Porsche!

I’ve just updated my eBook which gives an alternative view to car ownership and shows that anyone can afford to drive a Porsche. It’s simply a case of changing the way you think about buying and owning a car. For just £3.99, this eBook will change the way you think about car ownership and includes the following information: • The difference between foolish and clever car buyers. • A Porsche can be less expensive to own than a modern saloon car. • Porsches are remarkably environmentally friendly. • A gentle introduction to the many models of Porsche • Which Porsches […]

Treat your car as a home

When I hit 17 and bought my first car, an older and wiser person said “Cars will make you poor.” Yes, they can suck up money. However, they don’t have to. Change the way you think about buying cars and you can actually reduce the cost of your motoring – and maybe even make a profit. Indeed, after I was told that, I made a decision never to lose money on cars. As a teenager I would buy a car, run it for a while, tart it up, then sell it again. And I always made a profit. This happy […]

Judging a book by its cover

I’ve created a new cover for my You Can Drive a Porsche eBook. Why? Because the old one looked too fussy and hard to see on iBooks. The new cover is much cleaner and simpler. I’d be interested to hear what others think of it.

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