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Porsche M96 and M97 issues explained in GT Porsche

I had a visit from fellow GT Porsche contributor Peter Morgan last week and, as ever, we had a good chat about the world of Porsche. Peter mentioned that he’d recently written an article on the M96 and M97 engines used in the Porsche 996, 997, Boxster and Cayman up until around 2008. Peter and I agreed that a lot of nonsense had been written about these engines and their supposed issues – mainly with bore scoring and IMS (intermediate shaft) failure – have been blown out of all proportion. I’ve addressed this in a previous blog post and, naturally, I was keen […]

Driver X – Porsche 964 Carrera 4 vs Porsche Cayman R

In the summer of 2013, I spent a great couple of weeks with a television production company driving a 964 Carrera 4 and a Cayman R, on the Isle of Skye and London’s Docklands. Here’s a trailer of the finished show, called Driver X. More will be revealed soon!  

The Porsche Cayman is full of surprises

The new Porsche Cayman is here and there are no surprises on the styling front – it is, after all, essentially a Boxster with a roof, and none the worse for it. What perhaps is surprising is that Porsche has bothered to continue the Cayman at all, as it’s never been as big a seller as expected. That’s odd, as it’s a dynamically sharp car (if the Boxster is anything to go by, the new one will be brilliant), looks great, undercuts the 911 in price and has a handy lifting rear hatch. Also surprising is that Porsche is offering, […]

Which? magazine gives Porsche top marks

  I’ve just received a press release stating that Which? magazine has given Porsche top marks in a survey. I’m not a Which? reader but always assume it’s full of tests on washing machines and other white goods. I was obviously wrong. Here’s the release from Porsche in its entirety: The 2012 Which? magazine car survey has placed the Porsche Cayman top in the Sportscar segment of its influential annual review. Customers also rated the Porsche brand and its retail network as the best in the business in the UK. The magazine reported that the mid-engined Cayman coupe is “sensational […]