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New entry level Porsche Cayenne V6 for 2015

I’ve woken up to a press release from Porsche telling me all about the new Cayenne GTS. No doubt this will be a superb car but what caught my eye was hidden at the end of the text – Porsche has also announced a new entry level Cayenne, and it looks impressive. Now, the original base Cayenne was, to my mind, a bit of a disappointment with its lacklustre 250bhp 3.6-litre V6 engine. It made (and still does with a second-hand purchase) much more sense to go for the V8-powered Cayenne S which offered much better performance with little difference […]

Farewell to the Cayenne

It’s not often I get emotional about selling Porsches, but I was quite sad to see this Cayenne go off to its new owners at the weekend. Unlike most of our stock, this car was bought by me for a specific purpose – to take on a skiing holiday with the kids; click here for the full story. It was a fun holiday and, over 1400 miles, we all fell in love with the Cayenne. It was comfortable and roomy, with great performance and handling. It’s practical without being dull. I don’t think there was anything I didn’t like about […]

Porsche Cayenne at Reims-Gueux

Returning home from skiing in the French Alps (click here for details), I couldn’t resist stopping off at the remains of the Reims-Gueux circuit. It’s a place I’ve been to before and it’s never failed to impress me. The deserted and crumbling buildings have a certain inexplicable aura about them. It’s a peaceful and calm place, almost like a place of worship (and I’m not a motorsport fan at all). My two children Jonny and Louisa were with me, plus their friends Will and Ben. I didn’t tell them we were stopping at the circuit, but just pulled up by the pit […]

Taking a Porsche Cayenne S skiing

Skiing is a lot of fun but, for those of us in England, it involves heading off to the Alps, either by plane or car. Flying is a pain as it inevitably involves getting up at an unearthly hour, driving to Gatwick, parking the car at great expense, lugging luggage around the busy terminal, queuing to check-in, removing belts and watches then queuing again to get frisked. That’s all followed by a couple of hours on a cramped plane drinking expensive coffee before arriving at another busy airport only to hang around again for the luggage to arrive. Then there’s […]

Now’s the time to buy a Porsche Cayenne

With winter quickly approaching here in Great Britain, at least two of my Porsche friends are making noises about buying Cayennes. And why not? If we have another winter like last, the capable 4×4 will prove its worth. If, on the other hand, the mild autumn sets the tone for the next few months, a Cayenne is still a great car to cruise around in – on road and off. With prices starting below £10,000, the Cayenne is the bargain of the moment, although you really should have bought in the summer before the lemmings rushed to buy 4x4s for […]

Cayenne – what a car!

I rarely get to see Cayennes, so this one this morning made a nice change from all those 911s! I know the Cayenne gets slagged off for its looks but I love them. They’re big, comfortable cars that also handle pretty well and really will go offroad if you want to. The big V8 sounds wonderful, too. And they’re a great bargain. The 2003 S was up for £13,500 and had covered 67,000 miles (so many have done mega-miles so this was refreshing). If you want a family/load carrier then a Cayenne is hard to beat. The only problem, though, […]