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Porsche of the day – 997 Carrera S

There are, if I’m honest, quite a few Porsche 997s for sale at the moment. However, look closely at many of them and they’re a disappointment. Many 997s were bought as everyday cars and have been treated as such – parking dents, chips, scruffy interiors, high mileage, all spoil what should be a lovely car. Not so this 2007 Carrera S. With just 17,900 miles on the clock, it’s in near-new condition, and certainly drives like a new car. It has a great specification, too, including heated seats (a must in this weather!) and the Bose sound upgrade. It was […]

Porsche 993 Carrera S and Carrera 4S

I’m lucky enough to have two very special – and rare – Porsches in stock at the moment. A 1997 993 Carrera S and a 1998 993 Carrera 4S. Both boast the wide Turbo bodyshell and look simply wonderful. The S is Tiptronic and the 4S is manual. The key visual difference between the two cars is the engine lid – the Carrera S has a vertical divider down the middle of the vent. Which would you choose?

Porsche 997 finished Carrera Silver GT – what a great colour!

I’ve just collected this Porsche 997 Carrera S and took some photos down at my local harbourside location. The car’s finished in GT Silver Metallic and it’s a striking shade – purer than the usual Arctic Silver and a refreshing change. Don’t get me wrong, I like Arctic but it’s just become a bit too common, so it’s good to see something slightly different. The light today was perfect for it, too – beautiful! 🙂 Click here for full details of this Porsche.  

Porsche 993 Carrera S – the best looking 911 ever?

I’ve just taken delivery of a Porsche 993 Carrera S. Made only in 1997 – the very end of air-cooled 911 production – it combines the gorgeous wide Turbo bodyshell with a normally aspirated engine and rear wheel drive. A winning combination in anyone’s book. However, for me the icing on the cake is the Carrera S’s engine lid. Unique to this model, the vents is split by a central vertical spine that harks right back to the appearance of thePorsche 356. It’s a subtle touch of retro that looks just perfect, especially when combined with those sexy rear haunches. […]

Porsche 997 interior colours

What colour leather would you choose if you were buying a brand new Porsche 911? Judging by the cars I see on the secondhand market, most people’s favourite shade is black – as that’s what I find inside most 997s I see. However, do people choose black because that’s what they really like, or because they feel it’s a safe option that will make the Porsche easier to sell when the time comes? Is it the interior version of silver paint, the automotive equivalent of painting your home with magnolia? I think that’s wrong. If you’re lucky enough to be […]