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Why a 996 Carrera 4S is a good choice

I had  a call yesterday from a chap wanting to buy his first 911 – a 996. As soon as he said his budget was around £23,000, I immediately thought ‘Carrera 4S’. A few moments later, he said he fancied a 4S but was concerned it may be too extreme for a first 911. Not at all. The Carrera 4S is basically a standard 996 enhanced with a wide Turbo bodyshell and Turbo brakes and suspension, plus a classic full-width rear reflector. To my eye, it’s the best-looking 996 of all (especially from the rear) and is lovely to drive […]

993 Turbo or Carrera 4S?

When I saw the title of this advert I was puzzled. How could a 993 be both a Carrera 4S and a Turbo? A Turbo has, as you’d expect, a turbocharged engine while the Carrera 4S has the Turbo wide bodyshell but a normally aspirated engine. Looking at the advert in more detail, I realised that this was, in fact, a Carrera 4S which has been treated to a turbocharged engine conversion – I suspect it’s had a 993 engine dropped in, rather than turbos being added to the standard engine, although that’s not made clear. Disregarding the fact that something […]

997 at Reims video

OK, here’s a shameless cross-promotion for Total 911 magazine. It’s a video of stills and movies of a trip we did from Brooklands to Reims racetracks. You can read the full story in the new issue of Total 911

High mileage + Tiptronic = good deal

Further proof here that a 911 with a higher than average mileage and a Tiptronic gearbox can be a good deal. OK, the advert and the photos tell us very little about the car but it’s rare to see a Carrera 4S for under about £23,000. It’s a good colour, on the outside at least, there are no interior photos and, like any C4S, it’s a great-looking car. Tiptronic makes sense in modern traffic, too, and if the car’s been well-maintained, then the mileage wouldn’t bother me.

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