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There’s a new Porsche 718 Boxster but don’t forget the original

Today, Porsche unveiled its next generation Boxster, and what a departure it is! First, the car’s got a new badge – 718. Previously, Boxsters were badged just that – Boxster – with the model number something that Porsche nerds used to differentiate the different versions. Now, though, the car proudly wears its number, leaving the ‘Boxster’ badge as a suffix. It’s a return to the days of Porsches being given numbers – 356, 911, 944, 928 and so on. Having a name and a number seems a little confusing, although Porsche does point out that there is also the 911 […]

Will the original Porsche Boxster become a classic?

I’ve just been writing a piece for GT Porsche magazine about buying cheap Boxsters and I dusted off a book about the development of the original Boxster in the mid 1990s. It’s a lovely tome, with stunning photography, and shows how the Boxster’s taut lines were influenced by both the original Porsche ‘Number One’ and the famous 550 Spyder. Flicking  through it, I began to realise that the first Boxster had a wonderful purity of line – everything about it was designed for a reason and there were no unnecessary adornments. It’s just like the first 996 in that respect. It’s […]

Porsche M96 and M97 issues explained in GT Porsche

I had a visit from fellow GT Porsche contributor Peter Morgan last week and, as ever, we had a good chat about the world of Porsche. Peter mentioned that he’d recently written an article on the M96 and M97 engines used in the Porsche 996, 997, Boxster and Cayman up until around 2008. Peter and I agreed that a lot of nonsense had been written about these engines and their supposed issues – mainly with bore scoring and IMS (intermediate shaft) failure – have been blown out of all proportion. I’ve addressed this in a previous blog post and, naturally, I was keen […]

Fixing a Porsche 996 and Boxster climate control LCD display

  The Porsche 996 was the first 911 to feature a modern climate control system – set the desired cabin temperature and the electronics would do the rest. At the heart of the system is a control box in the centre console with buttons and a large, clear LCD display. It works very well but, as the cars get older, it’s becoming common to find faulty LCD screens – usually one corner fails leading to an orange smudge. The same unit is used in early Boxsters, too, by the way. I had one of these recently and Porsche quoted me […]

Porsche Boxster concept car

We were first introduced to the Porsche Boxster back in 1993, when Porsche unveiled its stunning Boxster concept car at the Detroit Motor Show. With fake tortoise shell trim and cool interior fans, it was a stunning car. The production Boxster that followed wasn’t as exotic in its detailing but remained true to the spirit and styling of the Boxster concept.

Porsche 924S, a forgotten classic

I was at a photoshoot for GT Porsche magazine yesterday, with a group of Porsche Boxsters and Caymans. All great cars, but one that stood out for me wasn’t actually part of our shoot but rather another one that was taking place at the same time. And the car was a 1986 Porsche 924S, which also created a lot of interest from the Boxster and Cayman owners. My first Porsche was a 924 so it brought back happy memories. The 924 was Porsche’s entry-level car, launched in 1976 with a 2.0-litre engine. With its neat hatchback styling it was a […]

Open top Porsches

The UK has been basking in one of the best summers for years and it’s ideal weather for open-top Porsches. With Porsches, you have a choice of wind-in-the-hair cars: 911 Cabriolet For the full open-top experience, it has to be a Cabriolet with a folding roof, such as this 997 Carrera S. With a fully electric roof, that opens and closes in seconds, this is pure luxury.   911 Targa, early The 911 Targa is a clever concept. Up until 1993, the Targa had a lift-out roof panel which folded up and stored in the boot. With a distinctive roofline […]

The Porsche Cayman is full of surprises

The new Porsche Cayman is here and there are no surprises on the styling front – it is, after all, essentially a Boxster with a roof, and none the worse for it. What perhaps is surprising is that Porsche has bothered to continue the Cayman at all, as it’s never been as big a seller as expected. That’s odd, as it’s a dynamically sharp car (if the Boxster is anything to go by, the new one will be brilliant), looks great, undercuts the 911 in price and has a handy lifting rear hatch. Also surprising is that Porsche is offering, […]

Which? magazine gives Porsche top marks

  I’ve just received a press release stating that Which? magazine has given Porsche top marks in a survey. I’m not a Which? reader but always assume it’s full of tests on washing machines and other white goods. I was obviously wrong. Here’s the release from Porsche in its entirety: The 2012 Which? magazine car survey has placed the Porsche Cayman top in the Sportscar segment of its influential annual review. Customers also rated the Porsche brand and its retail network as the best in the business in the UK. The magazine reported that the mid-engined Cayman coupe is “sensational […]

What Porsches can you buy for £10,000?

This article was written in 2012. Values, especially of air-cooled 911s, have changed since then. This month’s copy of GT Porsche magazine has a feature entitled “Your £10,000 Porsche” and I urge you to pick up a copy (it’s also got a tasty feature on the early 911 Turbo). OK, it’s nothing new, magazines trot these type of articles out on a regular basis, but that doesn’t make them any less relevant. It’s always good to see real-world articles showing that, in fact, anyone can afford to buy a Porsche. The trick, of course, is to buy the right one, […]