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Why buying a Porsche will save you money

A customer popped in the other day and, chatting over a coffee, we both agreed the futility of buying brand-new ‘ordinary’ cars. He’s owned his 1980s Porsche 911 for seven years and, in that time, it had gone up in value by a modest amount, while running costs had been low, too. When he comes to sell it, he’ll not only have not lost any money, he’ll have made a small profit. More importantly, though, he will have seven years’ of happy memories of Porsche ownership. That has to be a good deal. If, on the other hand, he’d bought, […]

The ultimate Lego Porsche 911

There’s nothing new about Lego Porsche 911s but this one is in a different league. It’s a model of a Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet and the attention to detail is quite astonishing – scary in fact. It’s got a working convertible roof, a flat-six engine with moving pistons and – get this – a working seven-speed PDK gearbox with dual clutches. I told you it was scary. I urge you to watch the video for the full story of this incredible Lego Porsche 911.  

Just arrived: Porsche 997 Turbo with 600bhp Cargraphic conversion

This is exciting. It’s a Porsche 997 Turbo that has been breathed on by renowned Porsche specialist Parr Motorsport. It’s had a Cargraphic engine conversion installed that has boasted power to over 600bhp. I’ve only driven it briefly but, believe me, it’s fast! The Porsche also has one of the highest specifications of any 997 Turbo I’ve seen, with over £17,000 of options added when the car was new. It’s simply beautiful! For more information please click here.