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The mystery of Porsche part prices

I’ve had conversations with two Porsche owners recently which shows how random Porsche’s part pricing can appear. First, there’s the gentleman with an 993 Carrera RS. He wanted to tidy up his car’s engine bay (below) and thought he’d have the cooling fan powder coated. This is a popular job people do as the alloy fan invariably corrodes and distracts from the engine’s appearance. One the off chance, however, the owner enquired as to the price of a new fan at his local Porsche Centre and was pleasantly surprised to find it was £130 including a new bearing. We both […]

How to make your Porsche 911 old

I’ve just had an email from someone selling the UK numberplate ‘P911 OLD’ which is certainly eye-catching. However, because it’s an age-related plate it can’t be used on a car registered before August 1996 – so not on very old Porsches. You’re looking at a late Porsche 993 as the oldest model, then. And that’s a shame as it would better suit a classic from the 1960s but that’s not allowed as it would making the car appear newer than it actually is. Still, as the years go by, the 993 will get older and older and the plate will […]

Porsche 993 Turbo values

I’ve just been asked if I think a Porsche 993 Turbo is a good investment. That’s a tricky one. Porsche 993 Turbo prices have been on a high for some time, with good low mileage examples being around £60,000. That’s up on a few years ago but prices seems to have stabilised now. I can’t see any big jumps in prices in the short term, as the cars are expensive now, but longer term I am sure that 993 Turbo prices will go up. However, as with most Porsches, if you want a good investment you need to buy the […]

Porsche 993 tee-shirt and mug

Here’s a great Porsche 993 tee-shirt, featuring a side-profile line drawing of the 993 with dimensions. And if you’re in the UK there’s still time to order some for Christmas – the deadline is 19th December. Click here to buy. There’s also a cool mug with the same Porsche 993 image on. Click here to buy.          

A brace of Porsche 993 Carreras!

We have three Porsche 993 Carreras in stock right now. We’ve just taken a deposit on one, which leaves this near-matching pair still for sale. Finished in Midnight Blue Metallic with grey leather interiors, they are both lovely examples of this sought-after last of the aircooled Porsche 911. The perfect his-and-her Christmas presents? 🙂 OK, maybe you just want to buy one; either would make a lovely present to yourself. The Porsche 993 is the ideal 911 in many ways; the result of 30 years aircooled development, Porsche really did get everything right with the 993, a car without any […]

When is a Porsche 911 not a 911?

I just spotted a comment on Facebook saying that the Porsche ‘991’ is a stupid name and ‘911’ was much better. It’s not unusual for people to get confused by Porsche model numbers as they don’t seem to make sense to anyone not familiar with Porsches. So here’s a quick lesson in 911 maths! First of all, the rear-engined, flat-six Porsche made from 1963 to the present day is a 911. Period. Even though it may be badged ‘Carrera’ or ‘GT3’, the basic model is a 911. However, there have been many different versions of the 911 over the last […]

Is this the next Porsche 911 Targa?

Over on the Teamspeed website they’ve posted a number of photos of what appears to be a Porsche 911 Targa disguised to look, at first glance, like a Cabriolet. This is interesting as, if you look closely, you can clearly see a fixed roll hoop just like that on 911 Targas up to 1993. Later Targas had a glass roof which slid back under the rear window, so does this mean that Porsche is abandoning the glass-roofed concept and returning to the original Targa style, or a modern interpretation of it? The photos leave a number of questions unanswered, though. […]

Modified Porsche 993 is surprisingly good

Now, I’ve driven some modified Porsches over the years that have been, well, rather disappointing. Sometimes, messing around with a car can spoilt what was previously a perfectly good car. However, today I had a long drive in a 993 Cabriolet that was owned by the director of top exhaust specialist Hayward and Scott, so it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about making an engine breath better. He’s done some gentle work on the car’s engine that gives  a modest power boost to 297bhp and made the engine feel freer revving and more willing. It’s good. […]

A Porsche 911 is (could be) for life

I’ve long argued that buying a used Porsche can make more financial sense than a new, mundane car – read my eBook  to find out why. Recently, though, I was driving a newish 997 car and pondering to myself. What if you bought a shiny new 911 – went to the showroom and got your perfect colour and spec – and kept it for life? The £80,000 purchase price spread over 30 or 40 years would be reasonable (assuming you can find the money in the first place) and surely less expensive than a string of those boring cars. We […]

Porsche 993 Carrera S and Carrera 4S

I’m lucky enough to have two very special – and rare – Porsches in stock at the moment. A 1997 993 Carrera S and a 1998 993 Carrera 4S. Both boast the wide Turbo bodyshell and look simply wonderful. The S is Tiptronic and the 4S is manual. The key visual difference between the two cars is the engine lid – the Carrera S has a vertical divider down the middle of the vent. Which would you choose?