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Porsche 968 Club Sport in Classic Cars magazine

A couple of months back, I spent a very wet day at Chobham circuit with the crew from Classic Cars magazine. They asked me to let them use a Porsche 968 Club Sport that we had in stock, for a feature on undervalued classics to invest in during 2014. The article, written by ex-Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson, is in the May 2014 issue, and I’m pleased to say that the 968 Club Sport is crowned the winner by Mr Wilson. It’s just a shame he refers to it as a ‘Porker’. 🙂 We’ve now sold that particular 968 Club […]

GT Porsche, April 2014

I’ve just received the April 2014 issue of GT Porsche magazine and was delighted to see that two of our cars – a brace of Porsche 968 Club Sports – are on the cover. The yellow car has now sold but we still have the red one in stock; click here for details.  It’s another packed 164-page issue with lots of interesting features. In addition to the 968 Club Sport feature, there’s a piece on Special Vehicle Preparations’ lightweight Cayman SV conversion – a car I’d love to have a drive in. A thought that also applies to the 991 […]

Why now is the time to buy a Porsche 968 Clubsport

I’ve just spent the day at a very wet Chobham test track helping Classic Cars magazine with a photoshoot. The magazine is doing a feature on undervalued classic cars that they believe will go up in value in 2014, and they asked to use a Porsche 968 Clubsport of ours. The other cars they’d picked included a BMW M5, TVR 350i, Mercedes-Benz SL 500 and a Ford Escort RS2000. The article is being written by ex-Top Gear presenter and used car expert Quentin Willson and he was impressed enough by the Porsche 968 Clubsport to claim it to be the […]

Porsche 968 – is it really better than a 944?

I was talking to a chap today who used to have a Porsche 944 and now fancies a 968 (above) but is surprised at the prices being asked for them. He’s got a point. 944s are two a penny now – there’s little demand for them and they’re considered old cars now. Which is a shame because a decent 944 is a great car. The Porsche 968, on the other hand, has held its value remarkably well, especially in Club Sport form as it’s a sought after trackday weapon. The 968 has held its value because its a much rarer […]

Porsche 944 – a resurgence of interest

The Porsche 944 has, in recent years, suffered from being unwanted and unloved by the bulk of Porsche enthusiasts. It’s become, well, just an old car and, as such, often bought by people wanting a Porsche badge but not really Porsche enthusiast. They’ve maintained the cars on the cheap and so many examples have deterioated. Recently, though, I’ve noticed a resurgence of interest in the Porsche 944 from genuine Porsche enthusiasts. And that’s great news because I’ve always thought of the 944 as a superb car. It’s beautifully built, looks good, is comfortable and roomy (I’ve had a mountain bike […]