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What’s the inside story on this Porsche 964 Turbo?

An overseas customer is looking for details of an unusual Porsche 964 Turbo which was exported from the UK in 2006. Before this, it appears to have been stolen and recovered, and the VIN plate removed. It had then been issued with a replacement VIN by the DVLA, beginning SABTVR. This meant it was required to carry a ‘Q’ plate – Q655FLH – which would have made it a distinctive car. If you remember this Porsche or have any information about it, please get in touch. Nothing sinister – it’s just my customer is intrigued to discover the car’s history.

Porsche 964 Turbo – what a car!

It’s been with me longer than I expected, for various reasons, but now the Porsche 964 Turbo will soon be with its new owner. I took it for a 160-mile round trip this morning and that was enough to convince me that I want to own a 964 Turbo one day. And that’s coming from someone who didn’t think he liked Turbos! I love everything about the car. Its wide-bodied looks, the pop and burble from the exhaust on overrun, the ridiculous acceleration once the turbo finally kicks in, the sumptuous leather interior, the surprisingly refined ride quality – it’s […]