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Wooden Porsche 911 sculptures

A friend in Hong Kong recently emailed me some photos of wooden sculptures he’d had made of his beloved Porsche 964 Speedster. Well, I love Porsches, art and natural wood, so I was immediately impressed by these pieces. One is a stylish sculpture of the 964 and the other is a more accurate scale-size representation They were created by UK based artist Toby Sutton, whom I got in touch with. Toby says that, to date, apart from the Speedster, the only other Porsche he’s made is a 993 Turbo; his main work is with classic cars from the fifties and […]

Turbocharged Porsche 964 Speedster

Look what’s up for sale on eBay USA. It’s a genuine Porsche 964 Speedster that’s been fitted with a twin-turbo 993 engine that’s said to produce 600bhp. I’m not sure if I like it or not. Part of me is uncomfortable with the idea of a rare Speedster like this being bastardised. On the other hand, I do admire modified Porsches and this one certainly looks mean, with its Strosek hardtop and Ruf wheels. It’s obviously a serious conversion; not only does it have the 993 Turbo engine, it also has that car’s six-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive. Impressive stuff. […]