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The Porsche 944’s time has come

I’ve always loved the Porsche 944 but it was never a particularly popular car. Until now, that is. I’ve had three in stock recently and I’ve been astounded by the intense interest from buyers. One sold over the phone without being viewed. Another went on the day it came into stock. The third had I had about 15 phone calls on. And no wonder. The 944 is a great car – beautifully made, great looking in a retro-eighties way, and a lot of fun to drive, both on road and on track. They’re getting rare, too, with surprisingly few appearing […]

Porsche 968 Club Sport in Classic Cars magazine

A couple of months back, I spent a very wet day at Chobham circuit with the crew from Classic Cars magazine. They asked me to let them use a Porsche 968 Club Sport that we had in stock, for a feature on undervalued classics to invest in during 2014. The article, written by ex-Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson, is in the May 2014 issue, and I’m pleased to say that the 968 Club Sport is crowned the winner by Mr Wilson. It’s just a shame he refers to it as a ‘Porker’. 🙂 We’ve now sold that particular 968 Club […]

Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet revisited

When I was fresh-faced and new to  motoring journalism, the first press car from Porsche I ever drove was a red 944 S2 Cabriolet, with the numberplate “The 944S”. I took a series of photos of the car for a Crowood Press book and one of the shots featured on the front cover (see below). At the time, I felt like royalty, cruising around in the brand-new Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet, with the roof down. That was over 20 years ago, though, and I’ve since driven countless other Porsches, both newer and older than the 944 but I’m not sure […]

Porsche 924S, a forgotten classic

I was at a photoshoot for GT Porsche magazine yesterday, with a group of Porsche Boxsters and Caymans. All great cars, but one that stood out for me wasn’t actually part of our shoot but rather another one that was taking place at the same time. And the car was a 1986 Porsche 924S, which also created a lot of interest from the Boxster and Cayman owners. My first Porsche was a 924 so it brought back happy memories. The 924 was Porsche’s entry-level car, launched in 1976 with a 2.0-litre engine. With its neat hatchback styling it was a […]

Porsche 944 S2 buyers’ guide

Porsche 944 S2 buyers’ guide The Porsche 944 S2 was the last and best of the front-engined 944 line, which began way back in 1982 as Porsche’s entry-level model, replacing the 924. The Porsche 944 was initially powered by an eight-valve, 2.5-litre engine developing 163bhp, but by the time it had developed into the S2 in 1989 it had gained a 3.0-litre, 16-valve powerplant putting out a healthy 211bhp and a muscular 207lb/ft of torque, the combined result of which is acceleration and maximum speed little short of a contemporary 911’s, and mid-range performance which you will scarcely believe. The […]

Porsche 944 – the next big thing?

It’s been a while since I’d driven a Porsche 944, so when I got behind the wheel of a late S2 example, I was pleasantly surprised. The built-quality feels astonishing solid, with a refreshing lack of squeaks and rattles on this 20-year-old Porsche. The interior still feels fresh and modern, and this is a car you could easily use every day. The big 3.0-litre four-cylinder engine may be a bit lumpy at low revs but it makes up for that with shedloads of torque and a decent, if not mindblowing, display of power. The front-engined 944 has the gearbox positioned […]

What Porsches can you buy for £10,000?

This article was written in 2012. Values, especially of air-cooled 911s, have changed since then. This month’s copy of GT Porsche magazine has a feature entitled “Your £10,000 Porsche” and I urge you to pick up a copy (it’s also got a tasty feature on the early 911 Turbo). OK, it’s nothing new, magazines trot these type of articles out on a regular basis, but that doesn’t make them any less relevant. It’s always good to see real-world articles showing that, in fact, anyone can afford to buy a Porsche. The trick, of course, is to buy the right one, […]

Porsche 968 – is it really better than a 944?

I was talking to a chap today who used to have a Porsche 944 and now fancies a 968 (above) but is surprised at the prices being asked for them. He’s got a point. 944s are two a penny now – there’s little demand for them and they’re considered old cars now. Which is a shame because a decent 944 is a great car. The Porsche 968, on the other hand, has held its value remarkably well, especially in Club Sport form as it’s a sought after trackday weapon. The 968 has held its value because its a much rarer […]

Building a Porsche estate car

I was chatting to Porsche mate John Glynn on Facebook when he mentioned his plans to build a Porsche 944 estate car (or shooting brake). Just the sort of mad idea I love so I shot over to his blog to read up on his plans. Like John, I like the look of estate cars, especially small sporty ones. The Scimitar GTE was a good-looker while Volvo have long been master of this tiny niche with cars like the lovely 1800ES, the 480 and today’s neat C30. Porsche, though, has never gone down this route, with the exception of a […]

Porsche 944 – a resurgence of interest

The Porsche 944 has, in recent years, suffered from being unwanted and unloved by the bulk of Porsche enthusiasts. It’s become, well, just an old car and, as such, often bought by people wanting a Porsche badge but not really Porsche enthusiast. They’ve maintained the cars on the cheap and so many examples have deterioated. Recently, though, I’ve noticed a resurgence of interest in the Porsche 944 from genuine Porsche enthusiasts. And that’s great news because I’ve always thought of the 944 as a superb car. It’s beautifully built, looks good, is comfortable and roomy (I’ve had a mountain bike […]