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You can own a Porsche!

You can own a Porsche!

Many people think that you have to be rich to own a Porsche, yet they unwittingly waste money driving a mundane car when, in fact, they could drive the Porsche of their dreams for less long-term outlay.

For just £3.99, this eBook will change the way you think about car ownership and includes the following information:

• The difference between foolish and clever car buyers.

• A Porsche can be less expensive to own than a modern saloon car.

• Porsches are remarkably environmentally friendly.

• A gentle introduction to the many models of Porsche

• Which Porsches make a good first buy.

If you thought that Porsche ownership was only a dream, then it’s time to think again. You can own a Porsche.

You can buy the book via the iBooks store to read on your iPhone or iPad, and download a free sample, or the Amazon/Kindle bookstore to read on your Kindle device. Search ‘Raby’ in the relevant store to find it.



  • Robert says:

    A analogous comparison would be owning multiple cheap Timex watches over a 10 year period versus owning a single, used Rolex that runs flawlessly and actually valuates over time. My GMT-II sure did!!

  • kevin says:

    Planning to buy a Porsche when I move abroad. My car would be the 964 911,and if I’m wealthier, I’ll buy a used 997 Turbo.


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