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How to use climate control

Since the advent of the Porsche 996 in the late 1990s, modern Porsches have had climate control. However, even today, many people don’t understand how to use it properly. There’s a clue in the name – climate control. The system controls the temperature in the car for you. Sensors measure the cabin air and adjust the heat, fans and air-conditioning to ensure that you are comfortably cosseted. I set my climate control to 20 degrees Celsius and that’s comfortable for me, although some people will want it slightly higher or lower, but somewhere around that ballpark figure is good. The […]

The truth behind the Porsche 924’s VW connection

The 924 has often been criticised for being a Volkswagen in drag. That’s not strictly, true, though. It’s rather more complex than that… Codenamed EA425, it was originally a joint project between Porsche and Volkswagen, under the snappily titled umbrella company VW-Porsche Vertriebsgesellschaft which had the remit to build affordable VW-based sports cars and had been loosely responsible for the 914. The plan for the 924 was to make a more practical, more profitable and more widely appealing car than the 914. To tick those books, the designers raided VW’s parts bin and ended up with a front-engined coupe with […]