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Releasing early Porsche 996 and Boxster boot releases when the battery is flat

One of the most popular features on this website is about accessing Porsche Boxster and 996 emergency bonnet releases, which you can find here. The emergency release allows you to access the luggage compartment where the battery is housed, which is useful if the battery has gone flat and the electrically operated releases aren’t functioning. If you have an early Porsche 996 or Boxster, you may be feeling smug reading this, because these cars have mechanical, rather than electrical, releases for the boot and engine compartment. There are two levers on the driver’s door sill which, when pulled, pop open […]

Customer service is everything

Here at Philip Raby Porsche we like to look after our customers well. We may not have a flashy glass and tiled showroom (although we do make a mean cup of coffee and have some tasty biscuits), but we do offer really good service. All our Porsches (and other cars) are put through a thorough mechanical inspection by Porsche service specialist AW Motor Sport, which is conveniently situated next door. Any faults they find are rectified before sale (unless they are age-related and not fixable, in which case we make the buyer aware). We also put a full 12-month MoT […]

Porsche M96 and M97 issues explained in GT Porsche

I had a visit from fellow GT Porsche contributor Peter Morgan last week and, as ever, we had a good chat about the world of Porsche. Peter mentioned that he’d recently written an article on the M96 and M97 engines used in the Porsche 996, 997, Boxster and Cayman up until around 2008. Peter and I agreed that a lot of nonsense had been written about these engines and their supposed issues – mainly with bore scoring and IMS (intermediate shaft) failure – have been blown out of all proportion. I’ve addressed this in a previous blog post and, naturally, I was keen […]

Fixing a Porsche 996 and Boxster climate control LCD display

  The Porsche 996 was the first 911 to feature a modern climate control system – set the desired cabin temperature and the electronics would do the rest. At the heart of the system is a control box in the centre console with buttons and a large, clear LCD display. It works very well but, as the cars get older, it’s becoming common to find faulty LCD screens – usually one corner fails leading to an orange smudge. The same unit is used in early Boxsters, too, by the way. I had one of these recently and Porsche quoted me […]

The mystery of Porsche part prices

I’ve had conversations with two Porsche owners recently which shows how random Porsche’s part pricing can appear. First, there’s the gentleman with an 993 Carrera RS. He wanted to tidy up his car’s engine bay (below) and thought he’d have the cooling fan powder coated. This is a popular job people do as the alloy fan invariably corrodes and distracts from the engine’s appearance. One the off chance, however, the owner enquired as to the price of a new fan at his local Porsche Centre and was pleasantly surprised to find it was £130 including a new bearing. We both […]

Porsche Boxster/911 emergency bonnet release

I did something silly yesterday. I looked the keys in the front luggage compartment of a 2005 Porsche Boxster S – the 987 model. And, yes, the rest of the car was locked, too. I knew that there was an emergency bonnet release hidden inside one of the front wings, its main reason being to allow access to the battery in the event it goes flat and the electric release won’t operate. The problem was, I wasn’t sure which wing, as it has moved around since the device was first used on the early Boxster and Porsche 996. The obvious […]

Porsche 911 heating systems

My first experience of an air-cooled Porsche 911 heating system wasn’t good. Being a poor student at the time, I used to hitch-hike from place to place, and one day was picked up by a complete nutter in a Volkswagen Beetle. As he drove at insane (for a Beetle) speeds along a winding country road, he apologised for the hot cabin – explaining that there was something wrong with the heater. I’ll say there was! Not only did I get out at the end of my ride shaking and sweating, my rubber-soled baseball boot had quite literally melted to the […]

The cost of running a Porsche 964

I’ve just had an email from a customer who’s gone through his Porsche 964’s 20 years’ worth of history and come up with the following breakdown of costs: Total spend inc VAT: £48,847 (excluding tax, insurance, fuel etc) Total parts spend exc VAT: £25,261 Total labour spend exc VAT: £18,475 Average spend / year: £2035 Most expensive year: £7,617 (2009, almost entirely engine rebuild) Cheapest year: £503 (1991, exc 1989 and 1990 at zero spend) Front tyres replaced: 9 Rear tyres replaced: 8 Front brake pads replaced: 10 Rear brake pads replaced: 8 Front discs replaced: 4 Rear discs replaced: […]

Porsche 996/997 battery and central locking

Porsche 996/997 battery and central locking If you have a Porsche 996/997 and have left it unused for a week or more, there’s a fair chance you’ll have had problems unlocking it. This is normal – the remote central locking shuts down which means that you have to use the key to open the driver’s side door. When you do this, the alarm will sound and you need to use the remote fob to silence it. Annoying for your neighbours! However, if you leave a Porsche 996/997 for a long time, the battery will run down, because the alarm system is […]

Becker Grand Prix – the best Porsche radio

The Becker Grand Prix is the ideal radio upgrade for a Porsche 911 from the 1980s onwards. This is because for many years Porsches used Becker for its factory-installed radios (often with Porsche branding) and the simple black-faced units look just right in a Porsche 911 dashboard. Also, they are so easy to use, with a simple set of buttons to control the various functions, and some have Bluetooth connectivity for your phone and, again, this is refreshingly easy to set up. So many otherwise great Porsches are spoiled by having an unsuitable aftermarket head-unit with an array of flashing […]