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Personal contract purchase

Personal contract purchase

With Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) you can drive the car you want and keep your options open at the end of the finance agreement. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how a PCP works:

• You choose the vehicle you like.
• You choose the repayment period that’s right for you.
• Agree a deposit and a regular payment to suit your budget.
• Agree a maximum annual mileage.
• The finance company then decides a guaranteed minimum future value for your vehicle, which then becomes your optional final payment.
• At the end of the agreement you have the freedom to choose one of three options: part-exchange your vehicle for another one*, pay the final payment and keep the vehicle, or return it to the finance company**.

Benefits of Personal Contract Purchase

• You drive the car you want with your options open; you do not have to make any decisions until your agreement ends.
• You can change your car potentially more regularly; every two to five years*
• Your car has a guaranteed minimum future value, so you don’t have to worry about depreciation.
• There’s an optional final payment at the end of the agreement, so you can benefit from reduced regular payments.
• Fixed regular payments mean it’s easy to budget.
• You can choose what to do at the end of the agreement: part exchange your car for another one*, keep it or return the car to the finance company**.
• It gives you more car for your money. Because the payments are probably less than you think, you may decide to upgrade or add some optional extras.

* A new finance agreement will be subject to status. ** Excess mileage charges and excess wear and tear charges may be payable upon return of the vehicle.

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