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How to buy a Porsche Boxster for £4000

  Summer is here and what could be better than cruising around in an open-top Porsche Boxster, with the roof down and the sun on your face? A new Boxster starts at around £45,000 which is great value for money if you have, well, the money; and let’s face it, you have to be reasonably well off to buy a brand-new Boxster. The great news is, though, you don’t have to spend anywhere near that much to enjoy top-down Porsche motoring. In fact, just about anyone can afford to drive a Boxster, because you can pick up a half-decent example […]

Driving an early Porsche 911

  A lot happened in 1963. Martin Luther King had a dream, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby played with guns, Alfred Hitchcock made a film about birds, Sean Connery was oh-so-cool Bond, Ronnie Biggs stopped a train, some Liverpool lads pleaded to be pleased, and Porsche unveiled a new sports car badged ‘901’. Meanwhile, in a Bristol hospital a baby with the surname Raby breathed his first, somewhat premature, breaths. Yes, that was me, and I guess I would have been walking and talking (well, after a fashion) by the time that the car I’m now driving arrived in […]