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Porsche 996 Turbo first drive

A look back at Philip Raby’s first drive in a Porsche 996 Turbo, back in 2004.  If you asked your Mr Spocks and Hal 9000s what the best car in the world was, they’d come up with something sensible like a diesel-powered Vauxhall Zafira. A vehicle that would stolidly go about its business of transporting yourself, your family and stacks of cargo from A to B; cheaply and reliably. It would, in short, do everything a car needs to do in a very efficient manner. These logisticians would be wrong, of course; motoring should be about passion, not practicality. The […]

10 things we love about the Porsche 996

The Porsche 996 was a radical car when it was unveiled in 1998 because it was a complete reimagination of the iconic 911. It was the first time that the 911 had had a total redesign, complete with new bodyshell and new engine. Larger, more practical and more modern, the 996 prepared the legendary Porsche for life in the 21st century. In the nearly 20 years since, the Porsche 996 has been loved and hated in equal measures. As the years go on, though, the haters are falling away and the 996 is becoming appreciated for what it is – […]

Porsche Boxster Spyder RS60

  I’ve just had a call from someone asking if a Porsche Boxster Spyder RS60 would be a good used buy. Based on the Boxster S of its day, the 2008 limited edition Spyder RS60 echoed the style of the Porsche 718 RS60 Spyder racecar from 1960. Visually, it was distinguished by a unique front spoiler, 19-inch SportDesign wheels, GT Silver Metallic paintwork, and a red or black hood. Inside, the RS60 had Carrera Red leather (or Dark Grey with the black roof) with a unique texture on the seat centres, door linings, steering wheel and handbrake lever, plus ‘RS60’ sill […]