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The Porsche 944’s time has come

I’ve always loved the Porsche 944 but it was never a particularly popular car. Until now, that is. I’ve had three in stock recently and I’ve been astounded by the intense interest from buyers. One sold over the phone without being viewed. Another went on the day it came into stock. The third had I had about 15 phone calls on. And no wonder. The 944 is a great car – beautifully made, great looking in a retro-eighties way, and a lot of fun to drive, both on road and on track. They’re getting rare, too, with surprisingly few appearing […]

July 2015 issue of GT Porsche magazine

The latest issue of GT Porsche magazine is on sale now and boasts a striking cover image of the new Porsche GT3 RS – what a great looking car! If you are of more modest means, the issue also contains an article I wrote on buying a £5000 Porsche Boxster. Should you do it or not? Read the feature to find out. My monthly Market Place slot this month is about the Porsche 996 Turbo – a car that’s surprised everyone by shooting up in value. The issue is packed with other great Porsches, including a stunning 924 Carrera GTS, […]

Updated website

I’ve recently updated our website with a new theme. The website – like many these days – is produced using WordPress, for which there are countless ‘themes’ available. I had been using a car dealer theme (pictured above) for some time but it was beginning to look dated, didn’t work well on mobile devices, and the support from the developer had died off, so it was time to search for something new. The theme I am using now is called Top Speed and, again, is designed for car dealers. It offers an incredible amount of customisation and has a more […]