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Will the original Porsche Boxster become a classic?

Will the original Porsche Boxster become a classic?

I’ve just been writing a piece for GT Porsche magazine about buying cheap Boxsters and I dusted off a book about the development of the original Boxster in the mid 1990s.

It’s a lovely tome, with stunning photography, and shows how the Boxster’s taut lines were influenced by both the original Porsche ‘Number One’ and the famous 550 Spyder.


Flicking  through it, I began to realise that the first Boxster had a wonderful purity of line – everything about it was designed for a reason and there were no unnecessary adornments. It’s just like the first 996 in that respect. It’s a lithe and compact sports car.

Today’s Boxster, by comparision, is undoubtedly a better car – it’s had many years of development to ensure that – but it’s also a larger and more aggressive looking machine which has lost the purity of the original design.

It’s all too easy to dismiss early Boxsters as old, cheap Porsches, but they were once highly desirable and attractive cars. Take another look at the original Boxster and you may realise that, actually, it still is desirable and attractive. Will it ever become a sought after classic? Probably not while there are still so many around but, one day, who knows?


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  • nig says:

    There were lots of 356’s around at one time too, not to mention 911/912s, why shouldn’t it become a classic, it is great to drive and its design will become as iconic as its forebears.

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