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Porsche 924 Turbo

This piece was originally written for GT Porsche magazine. My ears pricked up when the editor asked me to write a column on 924 Turbo values. As a teenager, my family had a yacht on the River Hamble and there was usually a shiny two-tone silver and grey Turbo parked at the marina – it belonged to the owner of a company there – and I always drooled over its multispoke wheels, NACA duct in the bonnet and wild Pasha checked interior. As a spotty 15 year old, the Porsche was to me the epitome of cool and success, and […]

Will the original Porsche Boxster become a classic?

I’ve just been writing a piece for GT Porsche magazine about buying cheap Boxsters and I dusted off a book about the development of the original Boxster in the mid 1990s. It’s a lovely tome, with stunning photography, and shows how the Boxster’s taut lines were influenced by both the original Porsche ‘Number One’ and the famous 550 Spyder. Flicking  through it, I began to realise that the first Boxster had a wonderful purity of line – everything about it was designed for a reason and there were no unnecessary adornments. It’s just like the first 996 in that respect. It’s […]

Porsche video

My son, Jonny Raby created this short video using Porsches we have in stock at the moment.